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What we offer!

Our Modern Web Design and look has a layout based on grids and content types to match the information your website needs to present. We are passionate individuals and believe in delivering a website strategy that makes sense for your business.  We work with or can assist with a Corporate Identity and also make sure that our website design does not deviate from that identtity. If you have no graphic design conceptualized, Novodoby will assist  you to build on up, documenting this for future reference.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most critical, on-going maintenance activities that a website receives. Having good SEO allows search engines, such as Google or Bing to crawl through your website and its pages in order to rank your pages when somebody searches for your businesses keywords. This is a key component to having a proper web strategy, especially if you need to drive traffic to your website. Without SEO a digital web strategy is impossible to implement. SEO is the foundation of modern web design functionality and effectiveness.

Simply having a website is more than enough for many businesses. Some website owners need a little more from their website to either elevate or activate their business. For this purpose, Novodoby can engage with the website owner to formalise an entire online web strategy for the website design, including considerations such as social engagement, search engine optimisation (SEO) and (or) conversion driven call to actions that will generate revenue and business for the website owner. Having a modern web design combined with a digital strategy to accompany it is a recipe for a successful web campaign.

Social media is an important component of today’s web strategies. Many web owners have not entirely considered how best to drive social media engagement via their website. While familiarity exists on how to use social media personally, applying these various social networks to a business is an entirely different proposition. Novodoby can take this pain away from any business and run the social media for a predefined period of time before handing it back to digital strategy owner. Coupled with a modern web design with call to actions, a proper social media campaign can really drive traffic to your website.

Gone are the days were a website was mainly an address that briefly showcased products and services. A website design now requires conversion driven call-to-actions and engagement mechanisms that must be relevant enough to compete with the other thousand websites in the world wide web trying to compete for mind-space. A modern web design without purpose has failed before go-live, Novodoby specialises is ensuring your website is as functional as it is beautiful. We even help with existing websites and offering valuable advice.

  • Design 75% 75%
  • Strategy 95% 95%
  • Social Engagement 60% 60%

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